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At SaltWater Community Association Inc. our philosophy is simple;  perpetual generosity, positivity, and openness to limitless possibilities! 

We embrace social excellence through partnerships, scholarships, anti-bullying/anti-racism, gender equality initiatives, children & youth programs, senior advocacy, multiculturalism and social enterprize in the communties we serve from 

Bonavista to Clarenville. 


Join US in raising funds and awareness to serve the communities that need them most and address some of the most pressing issues facing youth and families in our service area.    HELP us make a measurable difference in the lives of others.!

  SaltWater Community Association Inc.  

receives funding for emergency food aid in the wake of COVID-19


Good Food Access Fund Grant provided food hampers to the most

vulnerable  in the Bonavista Penninsula 









Bonavista, NL — SaltWater Community Association Inc. in partnership with The Town of Elliston is pleased to announce it has received a grant of $70,000 in PC Gift Cards  from Community Food Centres Canada’s Good Food Access Fund. The grant will enable SaltWater Community Association Inc.  to provide much needed food hampers under their  "EAT WELL NL " Hamper Program for vulnerable individuals living in Bonavista Penninsula from Bonavista to Clarenville, NL.


Funding is provided in part by the Government of Canada’s Local Food Infrastructure Fund, as part of the Food Policy for Canada. The Fund aims to strengthen food systems and facilitate access to safe and nutritious food for at-risk populations.


“With escalating food prices, these food hampers will  bring relief to the most vulnerable in our communities from Bonavista, NL to Random IIsland, NL and all the outport communities in between.”


“Food insecurity was already an urgent problem before the COVID-19 crisis, with one in 8 Canadians struggling to put food on the table. In a time of national crisis, it is in our nature as Canadians to do what we can for our most vulnerable neighbours. We are grateful to the Government of Canada for their quick response, as well as the many corporate partners and generous donors who have stepped forward” says Nick Saul, CEO of Community Food Centres Canada. 


“The Good Food Access Fund aims to make sure that as many people as possible will be able to get the food that they need. And while we must deal with the current circumstances, CFCC remains committed to advancing policy change that addresses the underlying causes of food insecurity and poverty in Canada. We can’t forget that structural inequity is at the core of so many of the challenges that Canadians face, a fact which painfully confronts us when an emergency like this occurs.”


Media inquiries:  SaltWater Community Association Inc.  – Betty Fitzgerald, CEO 709-218-7955

“Communities helping Communities” Live Better!


Community Food Centres Canada Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC) builds health, belonging and social justice in low-income communities through the power of food. We work with 13 Community Food Centres and 183 Good Food Organizations in 175 communities across Canada. Our Good Food Access Fund was established to provide emergency relief during this time of national crisis to our most vulnerable neighbours. Learn more at or follow @aplaceforfood. 


Media contact: 

Juniper Locilento, Chief Development & Communications Officer

416-576-2561 or

FoodShare NL

Food Hamper Program

 Thanks to the government of Canadan

Their quick response in funding programs to support vulnerable individuals trying to access food during Covid 19 made a significant impact in the communities we serve. 


These funding programs were delivered by;  Canadian Red Cross, Community Food Centres Camada, Food First NL, Seniors NL and United Way NL.

In total SaltWater Community Association Inc. received $200,264.20 in gift cards

and funding.  Receipients from Bonavista to Clarenville have been so grateful

to receive the help.  You know you've truly made a difference when someone gets emotional about receiving much needed food.  


With the support of The Town of Elliston we have purchased and  will purchase more food hampers for our  "FoodShare NL"  Food Hamper Program to support  as 

many vulnerable individuals  as we can in our service area.

Thank YOU to the following Fire Departments, Local Service Districts and Towns

for coordinating deliveries in their communities to those in need.


"Kindness Matters" and you exemplify that...Thanks4caring!

Plate Cove East & West Fire Dept- Willie Ryan and Volunteers

King's Cove Fire Department - Terry Ryan and Volunteers

Elliston - Geraldine Baker & Councillors Town of Elliston & Community Volunteers

Bonavista Fire Department - Keith Pardy and Volunteers

Trinity Bay North Fire Department - Derek Ryan and Volunteers

Newman's Cove Fire Department - Lesley Hicks and Volunteers

Port Rexton Fire Department - Jeff Follow and Volunteers

Trinity & Area Fire Department - Doug Ballot and Volunteers

Town of George's Brook - Paul and Fire Department Volunteers

Lethbridge & area Service District - Anne and Fire Department Volunteers

Summerville/Princeton Service District - Tony and Fire Department Volunteers

Canning Cove - Melvin & volunteers

MusgraveTown - Melvin Humby and Fire Department Volunteers

Bloomfield - Paul Holloway and Fire Department Volunteers

Bunyan's Cove - Jackie Hobb's and volunteers

Random Island East & West - Leslie, Elizabeth & Florence

HillView Fire Department - Jason Frost and volunteers

Come by Chance Fire Department - Duane Antle and volunteers

Salvation Army Food Bank, Clarenville - Bill Preston and volunteers

Salvation Army, Arnold's Cove - Beverley Stokes and Volunteers

SunnySide Fire Department - Craig Simms and Volunteers

Do you or someone you know need help accessing food during Covid 19?

 Inquire at;


If you live in the Clarenville - Marystown area call CINDY at 709-218-0941

or  BETTY 709-218-7955 if you live from Bonavista - Random Island

A Distinct Identity

Here at SaltWater Community Association Inc., we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the communities in the Bonavista Penninsula healthier and better places to live, work & play.


We want to build mutually beneficial relationships between our non-profit and for-profit businesses in a coordinated effort to pursue common goals based on our shared values.


Most importantly we need to continuously pursue opportunities that will fund our core objectives to support; scholarships, anti-bullying & anti-racism initiatives, child & youth programs, senior advocacy and multi-culturism.

We strive to build productive relationships and make informed and comprehensive decisions that will have a positive impact on the communities we serve.

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